The area here is specifically for your own pages. Write or put together whatever you want within reason. So long as it is at least loosely related to Norman boats in some form I will post the pages. This means sending them to me of course, preferably in word format.

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                            This is Williams page about his Norman 27 "Jass Four"


                            This is dedicated to Stuart's restoration of "Peace 'n Quiet"!


                            This is Ken's tale of his first voyage in his Norman Conquest with pictures! Thanks Ken!


                           This is Johan's blog. Car restoration first but scroll down for the boat. Quite amazing!


                           Tony's "Sananna ll"


                          James & Lynda's "First dream"


                          Nick's "Zulu Chief"


                          Sybo's "Belcampo" in Holland


                         Can "Pela" be restored?


                         Josie's "New Member - Novice Boater


                         Jim & Margaret's Seamaster 27 "Morse"


                         Alan's "Destiny" with some great "before and afters"


                         John's "First Light"


                        Andrew's "Lady Annya's LED's"


                        Jeff's "Red Dragon"


                        Marcel's "Lowlands" project


                        Laurie and Sandra's "Compass Rose"


                        This is an information sheet on the "Cow & Chicken" prepared by Ian for visitors.


                        Kevyn's "Pipe Dream" page


                        Graham's Norman page


    `                  "Silke" - A Norman 20 in Germany


                        Rick's Norman 23 has returned from the bottom of the marina!


                        This is about Bryun's as yet unnamed Norman 20


                        'Crwydryn y Mor' is Den's 20 which he is preparing for something of a voyage!!


                        Simon tells of a long term project in refurbishing his Norman 23. Lots of detail and

                            good photos


                        This is Andrew's page relating his restoration of "Water Ratte", a Norman Conquest.


                        Here is an epic tale of shifting a Norman 32 all the way to Germany and then starting



                        "White Queen" is the pride and joy as well as source of bruised knuckles of Margaret

                              and Jim.

                        "Driftwood" belongs to Richard and here you will read about the refurbishment carried


                        "White Rose" is Ian's Norman 20. Here we Have a tale of grubby "White Rose" to

                              pristine "White Rose".

                        "Melissa Jane" is Brian's Norman 23. Chapter and verse with pics follow!