You seem to encounter these on most waterway related sites so lets us have one too !! Also gives you a chance to flex those literary skills.

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                                               A Norman 17 on the River Derwent once again!



                                               A Norman 17 on the River Derwent



                                                Not strictly a trip report but some pictures of the recent weather!                    



                                               The 2006 NBAS Gathering at Hoveton Viaduct moorings

                                                     and a subsequent weeks cruising

                           A few Normans at the Evesham Festival. Thanks  to

                                 Mal Jones for the photos                      



                            The water pump saga involves Breydon Water!

                                   Thanks  Andrew                            


                                                 The Rivers Saar, Moselle and Rhine in Germany

                                                        Wonder how many other sites have trip reports from Germany??

                                                        Thanks very much Andreas.


                                                  Brian's first ever journey


                                                 Cruise The Ouse - A Northern Dimension - Courtesy of Jeremy