If you want to include something here, please email me as much detail as you can.

N.B.A.S. Has moved!

Don't panic, it's only to a new server, you don't get rid of us that easily.....

Due to silly prices the site has moved over to a new hosting package, there are a few other changes going on

like the register is going to be user editable so once a username / password has been issued you can login

to your own entry and add piccies and change text so you can add to your story as it goes on, I hope to include

a search function to it eventually as well and the layout is likely to evolve as and when I can be bothered.

ALL BOATS WELCOME! They don't have to be Normans.

Just email for a login and away you go.

The 3 pages of the old register have been rolled into one, I won't be playing with that anymore as the sheer number

of files involved and obscure image filenames would make it a complete nightmare and leave me a quivering

wreck, anyone with an entry is very welcome (in fact positively encouraged) to start a new one in the new register area.

Trevor's pages at the bottom of the menu bar have been rolled into one area as it looked to a new visitor

that they were my boat and my story.

The brochures and bumph Simon scanned are now resurected under the Norman Brochures button as for some reason there was only 4 showing.