This page is to provide useful and informative links to sites of interest to Norman owners. Feel free to submit any suggestions you may feel appropriate for inclusion. The one caution I would mention is that I would like to keep straight commercial links to a minimal selected few.

An Owners Club for those Nordic types!

Dean found this. A great resource for some "How to do it" information!

This is a bulletin board with a great boating section. This link is directly to this part but there are many others to explore!

Some have had good service here both at the chandlery and mooring.

This is Frank's son's website about the Leeds & Liverpool Canal.

And this is a link to Jay's blog about his Norman Conquest "Jamijj"

This is a link to a thread describing Jamie's efforts to restore this poor old Norman 17. best of luck to him!

This site is about the BW Marina at Glasson Dockabout Glasson Dock. Those who have travelled the Lancaster Canal may have visited.

Here is the website for the Lancaster Canal Boat Club. There are Norman owners who are members including Derrick, the webmaster! Anyone else on the Lanky have a look and consider joining in!


Andy's web page. He is preparing an english version!

Always support and encourage Owners Clubs that can be considered to be at our end of the pastime!

After that, have a look at Paul's "Shorebase" website. There are sub domains on boating and the Norfolk Broads where there is an especially "natty" weather station. There are also some good maps to be found.


As you will see elsewhere on the site, Craftinsure support our website and  I am insured with them at an attractive price, all dealings over the web and you download and print your policy and certificate.


You may have seen this stuff at Boat shows and Jumbles. I've heard good things about it but its not cheap!

Here is Dick's first go at a website about his Saturn Family 24!

Its a good one.

A new owners site for Nauticus cruisers. In its infancy but we know how these sites can grow. When you are out and about, point any Nauticus owners you meet here!

This link is to Tony Brooks new  site and has some very informative course notes on diesel engine maintenance. The actual course itself seems very useful and good value at around 60. These are in partnership with Thames Valley University. Tony is also now doing joint courses with Canal & River Rescue. If you get any use out of the course notes and get the chance to credit Tony in some way, please do.

and click the BMC logo to go straight to the manuals, you then need to click the wee union jack to get the english version!

Another owners site where, despite the name, many are as skint as us!

This is Craig's database of "The Boats of The Norfolk Broads". Hours can be spent browsing here!

Here's one for those fortunate enough to need it! Detect a hint of envy?

And yet another forum but this one is Norfolk Broads based.

Another site with useful Norfolk Broads information.

This link is to yet another forum!

"Speakers Corner" appears to be a serious rival to the one above. No love lost at all.

I can now unreservedly recommend James at Broadcut Marine. In this bit of Yorkshire, companies offering these services are few and far between.

 BSC inspections and surveys are now available

Broadcut Marine

Another forum for the addicts! A bit "coffin" directed but useful (Fuzzy's there too so behave!)

Another site of general waterways interest and some good humorous stuff is Mike Stevens' UK Inland Waterways Pages . Mike also contributes regularly to the waterways newsgroup

This is now the Canal and River Trust (ex British Waterways)

This is an interesting site. Regularly updated with Waterway related news and gossip. Causes lots of raised eyebrows and anguish in the Waterways Newsgroup so must be worth a read. They suggest he speaks with forked tongue occasionally!!

I've been meaning to put this link up for some time but only just got round to it. I know its coffin dwellers but have a look and you can bet they have travelled YOUR waterway with accompanying descriptions and pictures. Those of you that watch the waterways newsgroup may have seen the regular reports that go up during their extensive tours. How that Arlidge fella manages to be able to spend so much time boating is a mystery to me!!

And did you know that three of these chappies spent a two week holiday on a Norman 20 hired from Ladyline?

The tale is on the website.

This place has a range of gauges and dials at both expensive and cheap levels! Plus other stuff...

The Official Bill Davies Web Site

This is quite an entertaining site with some information too.

internet boaters database

This is a page of owners and boats who use the uk.rec.waterways newsgroup. I have to admit that both are mainly coffin folk but interesting nevertheless

Obviously many different points of view as to the standing of this mag ! I quite like it, apart from the 75% advertising that is. As has already been said, its the mag that deals with boats nearest to us.

Dave's "Leo Magill" site.

This takes you to the Boat Jumble Association web page where you can find upcoming "fixtures".


Nigel found handrail fittings here which are very similar to the original Norman variety. They also have a good range of other general fittings.

Well done Nigel !!

"Nicea" John imparts : -

I strongly recommend Towsure - whilst they are mainly trailers and caravans, they do have a marine section, are reliable, and I think very very cheap.

Although a "members" site like GOBA, the Seamaster Club is run by friendly folk and have provided me with useful information. Also this may be useful for future "guests" on our site.

This page is a guide to most of the Pennine Waterways and includes the history and pictures of the Rochdale Canal. Well worth a look.

For the benefit of Marilyn, this how to get to "Boatpaint" who sell Protectakote!!


If you have leaking window seals, have a look at this site. Some of the good folk who visit this site have used them with good results

Alongside the merc engine was often the Transa stern drive. This still supported by

Ever think there would really be an "AA" or "RAC" of the waterways?? Well there is. There are three levels of membership and, having read some peoples experiences, this seems good value for money as well as bringing that extra bit of security when you next bounce off a lock gate or hit a mine on the Trent !!!

I joined up as a "silver" member and would recommend this to all boaters. Go here and have a look for yourself.


Bob Knowles is the main dealer for Enfield Z drives and there is some information on this site.

0116 253 8685

Bob Knowles website seems to have perished, but, according to Companies House, He is still trading

so the phone number is the only contact we have for you Enfield fans!

Lancing do all the marinising parts for most engines, especially Fords and BMC.

This place seems to carry a hugely extensive range of the necessaries rather than fancy ornaments !!

There's allsorts of waterways information here at Jim Shead's page. Also mentions a certain site about Norman Boats !!

Quite a few have asked about the Boat Safety Scheme. Well, here is the home page where there is lots of information and lists of examiners too.


This is the site of Great Ouse Boating Assoc.

For anybody on the Ouse, Nene, Cam and tributaries, membership is well worthwhile although not needed to view most of the site

Membership is required for use of the forum.



It seems that the Environment Agency have at last some informative internet presence!!


Mac2 has used this Engineer and found them very helpful and recommends them.