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Leo Magill is a RLM 31 Bahama currently based on the Norfolk Broads
after spending a good few years on the River Great Ouse at St.Neots,
it was previously based on the River Medway in kent and has spent most of it's life on tidal water.
It was bought by us to replace our old Norman 25 so we could have a go at coastal cruising,
since then it has done most of the east coast from North Yorkshire to Essex
without ever being on a truck or trailer, long may she continue the adventure.
Most of this website is just photo's from the renovation and a few trip piccies so bear with slow download speeds.
Leo is no longer in our ownership as we now have a Princess 30DS named Snowbird (also on the broads)
but continues to cruise the norfolk broads regularly with Chris and Louise at the helm.
Long may it do so!
At some time I may get round to posting spme piccies of Snowbird but I'm a lazy git
so don't hold your breath.

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