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Independent Orthotist - Alison Shearing          call 07949 824065

Orthotics assessment and supply service.

Making your life better

Orthotics clinic, supply & service.

The clinic is based in Godmanchester, Cambridgeshire, which has good transport links by road, with parking on site.

Assessment of  patients, both adult and paediatric, for

All types of foot supports. simple insoles, Total Contact Insoles (TCIs), and Functional Foot Orthotics (FFOs)

Footwear for Orthopaedic, Diabetic, Rheumatoid foot conditions, as well as Safety footwear for patients with non-standard foot shapes, including the above conditions.

Ankle Foot Orthosis, for sprains, Foot Drop, valug/varus support, and combinations conditions including neurological.

Knee Bracing for sports injuries, osteoarthritis, Stability issues. Long leg braces/ calipers for more complex conditions.

Spinal braces, surgical supports (for hernias), cervical collars, wrist braces, hand and finger supports.

All types of device available, stock off-the-shelf, modular, semi-bespoke, and bespoke. Custom conventional (metal and leather), custom cosmetic (plastic and metal), and stock/ custom dynamic movement orthotics (Lycra).

This is not an exhaustive list, please feel free to make enquiries.

Consultation by appointment only.