Thanks to Andreas for these pictures of the River Rhine. I've actually been to see the bridge at Remagen where George Segal and Ben Gazarra beat the whole German army including Robert Vaughn!!


I did it at the 19th of October. I started at OBERWINTER and went to KOBLENZ and the same day back to OBERWINTER.

The first three Pic's are about the "Bridge of Remagen". I don't know if you remember. It was a famous battlefield in World War II where the US-ARMY defeated the WEHRMACHT. At the mountain behind the building of the bridge at half of it's height you can see a cave where an anti-aircraft-gun was mounted. At the other side of the Rhine there is a little museum inside the rest of the bridge building which told us the story about this battle.

The other pic's are some more impressions of this part of the Rhine.