This was a small trip on our Norman 17 " Gold fFsh" .This trip has been reported by Boson &Co. We leave from our mooring at Sutton upon Derwent and travel as far as the navigation allows to Stamford Bridge. no problems but you do have to be careful of the trees that have fallen and create chicanes in several places. There is a lack of wild life along the way, we have been told that this was because mink were let loose from a farm. So apart from the cows we did see kingfishers. As our engine isn't fixed yet we have on loan a 4 hp outboard which pushed us along at about jogging pace. the trip took 2 hours. The first thing you see at Stamford Bridge is the green bridge. The next bridge is stone and you need to moor in the cut to the left. Do not go any further than this bridge as id gets very shallow !!!
Not much in the town but it is very small. a couple of pubs a take away and a shop the sells almost everything.